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Even the do-it-yourself cleaning bays can cause more harm than good as the foaming brush often collects debris ready to scratch the surface of your vehicle. Instead, pulling out the hose and a few buckets in the driveway allows you to take your time, focusing on the dirtier parts of the vehicle. Taking the DIY approach also gives you the opportunity to clean your car safely, without damaging the paint.

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Here are ten easy steps that'll help you wash your car like a pro in your driveway. Determine how dirty your car is before hauling out the hoses, buckets, cleaning supplies, and towels.

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Is mud caked on the rockers or is the car covered in fine dust? You may not need an entire arsenal of products for a quick touchup wash. Also, look at the car itself. An older car may need a whole cleaning regimen with clays, waxes, and polishes to protect the paint, while a new car may have a robust clear coat still attached.

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Before applying anything to your vehicle, read the label. Not all automotive cleaning products are all-purpose, and some could even damage the paint, clear coat, or other finishes inside and out.

The goal of a vehicle deep-clean is to remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle. You have one bucket filled with clean soapy water and another bucket with just water. The water bucket is designed for rinsing your cleaning mitt before dunking it back into the soapy bucket. The third bucket should be used for wheels and tires exclusively, as these are often especially dirty. In actuality, washing the car is where you start on your DIY adventure to a clean car. This will remove loose contaminants such as dust, dirt, and mud.

But before you even attack the paint with a wash mitt , rinse the car down first to remove larger pieces of dirt. Then you can add soapy water to the exterior, but make sure the soap is designed for car washing. Liquid detergents and dish cleaners can strip away the wax and damage the paint. Run your hand over the paint surface and you'll feel bonded contaminants even though you just washed the car.

To remove these tougher blemishes, use a clay bar , which can remove these stubborn spots along with any wax previously applied to the vehicle. Scratches are bit harder to remove, and the process will require the use of a compound , though this process may take several applications before hiding a scratch. Deeper scratches may need a paint touchup. This step is optional and can be applied by hand or with a dual-action polisher.

Car wax is a protectant, adding an extra layer of protection to the paint from UV rays to prevent fading. He has always been fascinated by cars, especially new ones, so much so that he was often late for school, as stopped to admire the gleaming cars at the local dealership on the way. Watching the staff remove dust and finger prints from the shiny new paint work, his obsession with keeping cars in perfect condition began.

Simon now owns his own valeting company, satisfying his passion for perfection a passion which is just as strong today as it was back then.

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Caring for Your Car's Bodywork and Interior

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Written by the 'undisputed king of car detailers,' it teaches you the importance of using specific chemicals for specific tasks, how to properly clean wheels, paint decontamination, polishing paintwork, removing light scratches, waxing, interior maintenance, leather care, and much more. The step-by-step guides explain the purpose and importance of each process in a straightforward manner, and will help you carry out more complicated procedures - such as cleaning the engine bay - without causing any damage.

About this title Synopsis: With this book, you can begin caring for your car like a professional, achieving dramatic and financially beneficial effects almost immediately.