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Writers: F. Monthly Film Bulletin All the films reviewed in Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Renee Houston Kitty Seymour Billie Houston Mickey Seymour Shirley Houston Nita Harry Milton Chris Billy Watts Reg Jarvis George Harris Brainwave Viola Compton Lil Grayson Sally McBride Ella Mark Stone Alf Ida Barr Girlie Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Herbert Cameron Specialty Act Billie Dix Specialty Act Marie Kendall Herself - Specialty Act Bert Kidd Specialty Act Michael Kidd Edit Storyline Two sisters form a double-act after the retirement of their parents.

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Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: 87 min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Black and White. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. Then in nineteen twenty, he was the Democratic Party's unsuccessful candidate for vice president. He was with his family at their summer home. He began feeling very tired.

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Then he felt severe pain in his back and legs. He could not move. For weeks, he was forced to lie on his back. His doctors discovered that he was a victim of the disabling disease polio. He lost the use of his legs. Franklin Roosevelt was thirty-nine years old. He had always been an active man who loved sports. But now he would never walk again without help. Many Americans thought the sickness would end Franklin Roosevelt's political dreams. But they were wrong. He showed an inner strength that people respected.

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  • He was elected governor of New York state in nineteen twenty-eight and re-elected two years later. Franklin Roosevelt always appeared strong and friendly in public.

    He loved to laugh and enjoy life. But his friendly face hid a strong will. Throughout his life, Mister Roosevelt worked hard to improve life for the common man. He believed government had the power and responsibility to improve the lives of its citizens. A large majority of voters decided that maybe he could make that song come true.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    On Inauguration Day in nineteen thirty-three, the nation waited to hear what the new president would say about the economic future of their country. This is what he said:. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. He promised to put Americans back to work. He said the federal government would take an active part in creating jobs.

    During the next three months, he led Congress in passing more major new programs than the nation had seen for many years. President Roosevelt called his reform program "The New Deal. These are some of the programs created during this time: A National Recovery Administration allowed companies to cooperate to increase production. A Works Progress Administration provided jobs for unemployed workers. A Civilian Conservation Corps put young men to work protecting the nation's natural resources.

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    The Tennessee Valley Authority built dams, cleared rivers, expanded forests and provided electricity in the southeastern part of the country. The National Labor Relations Act strengthened the rights of workers and gave more power to labor unions. The Social Security Act created a federal system to provide money for workers after they retired. Franklin Roosevelt became one of the most loved and most hated presidents in the history of the country. The majority of Americans believed he was trying to save the country and protect common people. Opponents charged he was giving the federal government too much power and destroying private businesses.

    Light: Hope within the Great Depression

    He became known by the first letters of his full name -- FDR. He talked to the American people by radio to explain what actions were being taken and what he planned for the future. These radio broadcasts helped him gain widespread support for his programs.

    President Roosevelt ran for re-election in nineteen thirty-six. He defeated the Republican candidate Alfred Landon by one of the largest majorities in the nation's history. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party in Germany threatened central Europe. Japanese forces carried out new aggression in Asia and the Pacific area.