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You have to take care of yourself! All these things are manageable, it just takes time. I know because I lived it and am still. I had a bowel resection for rectal cancer and ended up with a permanent ileostomy.

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Let me try and answer to a few of your worries. My ileostomy was also supposed to be temporary, it was taken down to early, meaning I had not healed properly. At the time they said that there was not a test or X-ray that could check to see if it was healed, there is now, insist on it and be patient. Your diet and how it works is covered well by Kelli, chew everything well and keep yoursel well hydrated, I try to drink 8 or 9 bottles of water a day. You sound like maybe you could plan a different time for your surgery, maybe before or after the holidays, whatever stresses you less or how bearable are your symptoms.

I promise you can do this, because I did it, and I was terrified, the last thing I wanted was an ileostomy. But we have become friends. I had my surgery in , so I have been at it for awhile. Please take care of yourself, take it one day at a time and hang on to God.

He is there in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and you are alone with yourself and Scared. What a wonderfully uplifting reply. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. This will be incredibly helpful and reassuring to many. My bowel was perforated in four places. I got sent home from the ER six days without tests or treatment.

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It was diverticulitis. The whole thinh makes me so sick never believed in surgery. I had my colon resection jan 15 and I managed to stay in hosp for over a week and all ran smoothly at home!. I am so glad I had this surgery as I would have been in trouble down the road, possibly a perforation or an abcess. Dear Khris Thank you for your answering my question regarding sleeping on my side.

I will certainly be looking into buying a body pillow; it will remind me of when I was pregnant and having to sleep with a pillow in-between my legs. I guess it will be more trial and error at first. Thank you for taking the time in replying. I sleep with an ostomy wrap which keeps the bag in place when I sleep on my side. So far, no leaks and I sleep better. I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

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I understand that it will be a shock and maybe I am over thinking it too much and will accept it more when it is here, who knows. Sometimes too much thinking is a scary thing. Regarding the diet, it is such a shame that there is no recipe books out there for people who need to go on a low fibre diet, which is what I have been told I need to do just before and weeks after the surgery.

This goes against everything I am doing now. Having Diverticular Disease means a High Fibre diet and plently of fluids. I have, since my last stay in hospital this year tried to increase my water intake to 1. Before that I was only having about cups of tea a day. No plain water. However, the hospital stoma nurse told me that this was not a good idea, having plain water, as it passes right through you and can cause you to have a upset stomach.

Also I need to have salt in my diet. This was the basic talk given to me by the nurse at the hospital. Lasting all of 15 minutes. I was handed a leaflet and a bag, told to read the leaflet and instructions as to how to put it on and told to try it at home as a test to when I have the surgery.

This I did, however, within 10 minutes I had received a reaction which I was from the adhesive glue against my skin.

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When I rang the nurse to mention this I was told that they would have to try and find something for me but could not guarantee that it would be there when I am admitted. They also inform me that I will have to inject myself, in the stomach, everyday at home for 24 days. This is apparently to stop myself getting blood clots. They even give you a leaflet to tell you how to do this…. Not good when you have a phobia of needles. My husband is supportive but I do not want to burden him or my daughter. My parents are elderly and I do not think, to be honest, that they realise how big an operation this is.

Therefore I also do not want to burden them with my worries. I know they will all be there for me, but at the end of the day it is I who have to deal with the feelings and the range of different emotions that I expect I will have. To be fair it will not be there fault as they will not really know how I am truly feeling as they are not in the same position. I think the people who truly know are the people like you, the people who have been there and have found the strength and courage in themselves to cope to live with it and to fight.

The people who say this will not beat me, it might change me but I am still me..

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  • Its Foster Care Month and DHR needs more foster parents.

I think the fear of the unknown is worst the anticipation and waiting the hardest. I guess it is not in my hands, I am not in control and that is something I find hard. Can I just chip in to say that bowelcanceruk. Dear scared: I had a colostomy six months ago. I too have a phobia of needles but if it is love nod they are giving you and it probably is then you will find the needles are very short and really do not hurt at all.

Trust me. I was on it until a week ago. I clotted a lot with prior situations so they left me on longer than most. I think you will find that the outcome is much easier to live with than you are thinking it will be. Just trust in whatever faith you believe in and relax. It is out of your control so stress is just harmful and serves no purpose. It will be fine. Prayers to you jm. The shot medicine is probably lovenox. Dear J. Riley, Thank you for your reassurance it is truly appreciated. At present I am getting over a very heavy cold so I am glad in a way it is not now as I would have felt awful.

The doctor thinks it is all the stress of not only waiting but also I have a very stressful job, so basically it has all caught up with me. Thinking about it this was most probably meant to be as I had a horrible sore throat and chesty cough so they may not have operated anyway. Time to reflect and contemplate… Thank you for talking to me about the injections. I have thought about trying to attempt injecting myself in hospital whilst there are nurses around as I hyperventilate when having any form of injection.

They can hopefully reassure me. However, if this is not successful then they have told me that they will arrange for this to be done for me even when I am back at home. It is like anything it is the anticipation, the waiting around, the feeling of not being in control. I will try and stay positive but I know that there will be days, especially nearer the time that I will have emotional meltdowns but I suppose that is only expected.

Thank you again and I appreciate you taking the time out to reassure me.

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Hi I had diverticula disease and ended up with a perforated bowel, peritonitis and blood clots in my left lung and had to undergo emergency surgery to save my life. I am 10 weeks past surgery and have a colostomy which will be reversed later in the year. My appetite picked up once I got home and I have come to terms with my stoma I think this is mostly a mental thing as its a big shock.

I am having to inject tinsaparin since the operation up until I see a haemotologist in August. That was scary at first but again I have got my head around it. I have found it amazing what you can cope with when faced with things. Talk to as many people as you can who have had a colostomy as that will help most health authorities have support groups you can join. Hope this helps others. Basically she was very near death. Thank you for any advice on this topic!! Sorry to hear about this. Has she tried eating low-fibre at all? That could ease these distressing symptoms.

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But as everything is going through her so quickly this kind of approach is often worth a shot. I would ask her to seek the approval of her doctor. I have some guidelines on my Help with Low-Fibre page, with links to more about specific foods. Hi Kellie! I LOVE good food, but will take your lessons seriously as I maneuver my way through this very interesting change in my life!